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Please provide your guidance counselor with adequate time to prepare your transcripts.
Supporting documentation that is not attached can be mailed or dropped off to the GOTCC at our office inside the Board of Education building at 163 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst.

Objective: The GOTCC’s mission is to help defray college expenses for well-rounded college-bound students who have excelled in the area of community service.

NOTE: To be considered, all requirements must be met and instructions followed, including your transcript attached to this application. Please work with your school guidance counselor.


  1. Applicant must be a high school senior and either live in the Township of Ocean (Monmouth County) regardless which high school you attend or be the child of a GOTCC member-in-good-standing.
  2. You MUST INCLUDE your high school transcript and 2 teacher/principal letters of recommendation. (Either attach to this form (preferred) or email to with your Student ID as the subject line OR mail to the office address above also referencing your student ID)
  3. All sections must be completed unless they do not apply.
  4. All applications must be completed electronically.
  5. Resumes and bios will not be accepted.
  6. Please be specific with your Community Service. Please include organization,  number of hours you worked, what you did and for what length of time.  If it is a 1-day event, please note that on the application.

Your Information


If you are NOT A RESIDENT OF THE TOWNSHIP OF OCEAN, a parent MUST work for a business that is a local member of the GOTCC. Please indicate your parent’s name, employer and the business location.

Community Service/Volunteerism

This section is not for PAID positions. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. This page is very important. Please provide total hours volunteered at each organization. Volunteering for municipalities, religious organizations, etc. is fine
Total Hours Worked
Supervisors Name
except 1 day events



Work Experience

Please be specific (i.e., worked at Wegmans 10/wk for 3 years as a cashier, had a paid internship at Monmouth Medical Center 15 hours/wk for 8 months; OTHS Peer Leadership Award 2011 and 2012; 2013 Student Mayor for a Day Township of Ocean; OTHS Student Government Secretary 2010, Treasurer 2011, VP 2012, President 2013). Please note: Community Service goes in on the preceding page.


Attached any supporting documents in this section.

Essay (Stand out from your Peers)

Please tell us about yourself, addressing the following topics, not to exceed 500 words:
  • What obstacles you have overcome and how you feel they will help you in the future.
  • What are your dreams for the future and how you hope to achieve them?
  • What makes you stand out from the pack?
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